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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pruning The Pepper Tree

Look, I haven't published anything since October.  I actually have been sewing.  Just feel like I'd be blogging to say 'see, look what I've done; isn't it cool?'--which is a bit strange and needy.  I do that kind of stuff on Facebook.  Friend me and I'll prove it.

So I have a new idea for blogging--you know how I've become obsessed with tree pruning?  (I can hear you all the way from Washington, Oregon, and Texas with your resounding 'yes's!!!!)

Well, I'm going to do a blog on my tree pruning experiments.  So if I only post photos once a month--which is likely--I'll still have a blog and I'll still be showing what I've created.  But with a different twist.  Maybe you'll be tempted to prune some trees along with me?  In 25 years, you can post your before and after pictures on my site.  Fun!!!!!!!