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Friday, December 25, 2015

Sewing and Life Lessons

Working on my first jacket.  Lots of pieces, lining.  It's complicated.  So far, I've had to rip out more seams than I can count, craft some new pieces because of some accidental hacking and construction errors.  It's two steps forward, one step back.  Almost literally, except I'm not actually walking (please refer to excellent rant on the use of the word 'literally' in The Imperfectionists by Tom Somebody, page reference to follow, if I'm reminded.)

And it occurred to me that ripping a seam out of my jacket is a lot like getting a divorce.  I could leave the error and wear an ill-fitting jacket/marriage, or I could rip it out, with the pain and added time required to put it back together again.  But when it's reconstructed, it will fit so beautifully that I'll be glad I took the extra time. 

And so I am the woman who rips seams until she gets it right. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pruning The Pepper Tree

Look, I haven't published anything since October.  I actually have been sewing.  Just feel like I'd be blogging to say 'see, look what I've done; isn't it cool?'--which is a bit strange and needy.  I do that kind of stuff on Facebook.  Friend me and I'll prove it.

So I have a new idea for blogging--you know how I've become obsessed with tree pruning?  (I can hear you all the way from Washington, Oregon, and Texas with your resounding 'yes's!!!!)

Well, I'm going to do a blog on my tree pruning experiments.  So if I only post photos once a month--which is likely--I'll still have a blog and I'll still be showing what I've created.  But with a different twist.  Maybe you'll be tempted to prune some trees along with me?  In 25 years, you can post your before and after pictures on my site.  Fun!!!!!!!