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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hairbands: Making Use of Remnants While Cleaning Up Your Ponytail

That's right, my blog is NOT dead!!!!  My sewing machine has been calling to me and projects are waiting.  Last night a pillow case--not blog-worthy; today, hairbands--totally blog-worthy.  Motivated by hair that is just not-quite-long-enough for a ponytail, I decided it was time for some new hairbands to pull in those pesky strays.  Hunting through my remnants, I found these candidates: 

Start by measuring the circumference of your head.  Mine's 20 inches; so I estimated that 16 inches would get me from behind one ear to behind the other, joined by a piece of elastic outta keep the band on snugly and attractively.  Then I cut these rectangles that were roughly 16" x 4".

Next step, iron right sides together lengthwise and sew raw edges together with approx 1/4" seam allowance.  I like to use pinking shears to trim the seams allowances and prevent fraying, but it's probably not necessary given that these seams will be inside the finished band.

Press the seams open.

Pull one end of the tube through the other to make them right-side out.  My preferred method is pinning a safety pin on one end then working it through the tube. 

Iron them again, folding the raw edges inside about 1/2" at each end. 

 Cut 3-4" long elastic pieces (whatever width elastic you prefer) and tuck into one end of the hairband. 

Stitch 1/8" from the edge around the entire hairband beginning by sewing the edge with the elastic.  When you come to the other short edge, tuck in the other end of the elastic, being sure that it's not twisted.  Back stitch a couple times at the beginning and end of your journey, of course; and back stitch over the elastic for good measure.  

 Et voila!

 Here's what the band looks like from the back.  Please ignore the dirty hair. 

And, yes, these are selfies while I'm in the driver's seat of my car.  But I promise I was at a redlight.  Multi-tasking. 

The idea on these hairbands is not mine, and, if you're reading this blog and remember that you actually gave me this idea, I will insert your name here, Friend.  And maybe give you one of these babies.