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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stylish Dress Book: Blouse 'B' (or The Move Away From Quilting Cotton)

Well, after becoming painfully aware that it's not cool to make all of my clothing out of quilting cotton (what?! use the type of fabric recommended in the pattern instructions!?  how boring!), I came across Pink Chalk Fabrics and found this retro-cool cotton voile.  And, then, of course, I had to see how that might work with a Tsukiori pattern.  This one seemed just right and called for cotton voile. 
I'm loving how it turned out.  Much less pregnant-looking than with quilting cotton. 
Now, here were my issues with the execution from pattern to blouse.  For one thing, I forgot to add like four inches to the sleeves.  Forgot that I'm taller than the average Japanese woman.  So then the elasticized sleeves turned out to be a bit irritating on my elbows and I ended up taking it back out.  Luckily, the bell sleeves work with the retro fabric. 

The other issue was that somehow the lower sleeve didn't come out as poofy as shown in the book.  I think it's possible that the lower sleeve needs to be blown up by some percentage then printed again.  As always, I'm also willing to admit that I may have done something wrong.  But here's a close-up on the sleeve.  You can see that it might've been more interesting if there was more gathering where these two meet
Regardless, I love it, and I'm convinced that I should begin using garment fabric for garments more often.  Not all the time, but more often.

And, by the way, I'm officially 40 and 3 days old.  It's feeling pretty good so far.  

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  1. This print reminds me of fireworks. It's fun. I'm glad you're feeling good now that you've turned the big 4 - 0. I like being in my forties. Happy Mother's Day, too!