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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Sewing Required: Hang Some Fabric On Your Wall

Disclaimer:  I got this idea from my crafty friend Jola a couple years ago and only just now got around to making it happen in my own home.

Here's how to do it: 

1.  Find some fabric that makes you feel really good.  I'm featuring Lotta Jansdotter again.

2.  Stretch it over a canvas frame (this one purchased from Flax for $50 but probably could have been done for less) and staple gun away.

3.  Add some picture hanging gear and put it on your wall. 

Much less expensive than a piece of art--and easy to change out when you get sick of it. 


  1. Love this no-sew crafty project! Having made a few iterations of this, I have some advice that might make this project even more economical. Frames of all kinds can often be found and (re)used for this project at thrift stores and garage sales. I once even found several pristine canvas frames for cheap cheap. Another frame strategy is to use canvas stretcher bars. These come in a variety of sizes and prices (but cheaper than a full canvas frame), and can be found at art stores. Happy crafting!