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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Finished! Lotta Jansdotter Meets Lisette Traveler Dress

Back by popular demand. . . my blog!  Okay, 'popular demand' actually just means my friend Judi.  Close enough in my book.   

Despite my lagging, I'm actually super proud of this dress.  The fabric works well with the style--despite the fact that it is the dreaded quilting fabric.  And I made BUTTONHOLES.  Not one but eight. . . to ten. . . I can't remember, and I have no intention of counting them now.  Anyway, it works.

I would, however, say that it might be a bit on the big side.  The belt pulls it in nicely but it could use some darts in the back.  So consider sizing down on this one.

And, a little extra something-something--mis-matched buttons.  My mother-in-law recently donated an enormous tin of all the buttons she has gathered in her life, and I picked some that seemed to work together.  I'm loving it.

Styling-wise, from my experience, this dress is working with Mary Janes, Tsubo heels, and likely would also be great with tights and ankle boots.  I imagine I could also sub in a belt for the tie.  Before the buttons made their appearance, I wore it as a jacket over a a t-shirt and some wide-leg crops and people were very friendly to me at Costco.  Or maybe I felt just that happy in my get-up.  

Happy sewing!

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