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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Burda Sweatshirt Dress

This is the last of my recent fabric purchases from The Smuggler's Daughter--a sweatshirt weight knit in this gorgeous blue.  I mean, who doesn't love this color of blue?  The sky, perwinkle, the Mediterranean, pure bliss.  Seriously.  [Leggings from Alternative Apparel.  Looks like they don't have these leggings in stock anymore--they've moved on to cuffed sweatpants--but everything I've ever bought from them has been super quality.]

So, I hunted around for just the right pattern to turn this fabric into something I could wear as often as possible.  And I landed on Burda's Sweatshirt Mini Dress.  Kind of a gamble because it seems like nobody has ever actually made this--at least no one has posted a rating on Burda to date.  But I'm a sewing risk taker.  [Aside:  I accidentally rated this one star rather than my intended five stars and can't figure out how to undo it--meaning no one is ever likely to make this pattern again, and that was NOT my intention.]
The Sweatshirt Mini Dress from Burda 01/2011 #121.  Cute, right?

It was, as advertised, easy to execute.  I think the most difficult part was probably the pockets.  I'm afraid one of my pockets is a bit wonky, but here's the good one.
Either way, they both fit an iPhone.  And it's just kinda nice to walk around with your hands in your pockets, yea?  Okay, maybe that's just me.

Love this v-patch, sweatshirt-y touch.
My one regret is that I didn't switch out the threads on my serger.  You can see the dark grey/black threads peeking out of the raglan sleeve seam.  I think I would've preferred white.  I'm too lazy to have matched the blue.  It's white, brown or black for my serger threads.  Maybe because I'm working on the original 1980 White model that I bought off Craigslist.  Might be time to upgrade.  Changing thread is HARD. 

One last pic.  Feeling very the-future-is-now and wishing it were office appropriate. 


  1. Very cute! That is a beautiful shade of blue. Don't forget to pick up your birthday present when it gets to the post office this week.

  2. Love the grey dress,that's fashion and lovely.

    1. Thanks; although I think you're referring to the photo from the Burda site;) My rendition is the blue one.

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