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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Work In Progress: Lotta Jansdotter Meet Lisette Traveler Dress

It's taking shape. I'm loving Lisette's pattern instructions!  They're so clear and informative, with lots of helpful tips.

Currently, I'm in the phase of feeling like the dress will never be done while simultaneously feeling that if I only worked on it for a few more hours, it would be done, and I kind of want to wear it tomorrow.  Hmmm. . . maybe I need to number and define the phases of a sewing project at some point.  I'll call this particular phase the Hopeless/Wish I Had the Energy To Pull An All-Nighter Phase. . . or maybe I need to find a name that's a little more wieldy. . . . 
On another note, I've recently become aware that Some seamsters look down on quilting cotton for garment use.  (Thank you, Gertie, for hosting a discussion on the subject.)  It turns out that my quilting-cotton garments may be surreptitiously judged as 'Becky Home-Ecky'.  I'm torn between thinking that it's time to move on to some other types of fabrics and changing my name to Becky Home-Ecky.  Likely I will do both.  But the prints available are just sooooooo cute!  Maybe Lotta Jansdotter will start designing cotton voile and linen.  
[Now, clever readers, did anyone happen to notice that the fabric that was hanging on the wall in the Tova top pictures from the last post has been turned into a pillow on the couch in the above work-in-progress picture?]

Update from 5/18/14:  Here's the link to the finished product.  

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