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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Spring! A New Blog and a Fresh New Blouse

I'm suddenly finding myself massively obsessed with sewing and miraculously blessed with a three year old who can play by himself.  Meaning that Momma actually has time to manifest her sewing obsession.  And, now, inspired by other sewing bloggers*, I've decided to start my own sewing chronicle.

I've been mostly caught up in the Japanese sewing pattern books lately--Yoshiko Tsukiori's Stylish Dress Books and Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha (more on those in future posts)--but then I bought this gorgeous Liberty of London tana lawn fabric at Satin Moon Fabrics in the Inner Richmond the other day

and decided that I should make a simple top that would be office-worthy.  I had this Boden Ravello top in mind
and found a similar Burda pattern  (#106)

and at novice level!  Hey, I can manage novice, or so I thought until I accidentally cut out two backs instead of a front and a back.  Poo.  I had been hoping to get a scarf out of it too.  And as you probably know, Liberty of London does not come cheap.

Since I didn't have enough fabric to cut out a whole new front, I managed to make it work by inserting a cross-weave panel in the front of the shirt and turned one of the backs into two side front panels.  Maybe a skinny scarf out of the remnant?  We'll see. . . .

Meanwhile, I'm totally stoked about the final result.  I even frenched most of the seams, which made me feel like I maybe I actually know a little something about sewing.  Ta da!

Clearly, if I'm going to be blogging regularly, I'm going to have to enlist my husband to take photos.

I think this blouse would also work belted or tucked in just in front with a lower waisted skirt or pants or even jeans.  Great under jackets.  Versatile and easy. 

*My favorite sewing blogs and websites:  The Sew Convert, Tilly and the Buttons, Burda Style.  And I'm always on the lookout for more so please suggest away! 


  1. Fantastic, Lo! Fun yet elegant.

  2. Love the shirt, love the style(s)! Your posts may just inspire me to (finally) get my sewing on. Looking forward to seeing more from the Outer Sunset Sewist!

  3. I love the green print. It's a wonderful color on you.

  4. It looks great and the fabric is gorgeous!

  5. I love this blouse and the Liberty fabric makes it very special!

  6. A question it easy to get on and off if it doesn't have a zip or button opening?

    1. Hi, Caroline--Thanks for stopping by. You know, it's actually really easy to get on and off. It's a bit billowy. Which also makes it a bit shapeless so I prefer to tuck it in, add a thin belt, or use it as a base layer. I recently made a tunic from the same pattern and also love it--belted.

  7. Hi Lois, I made a similar one in Liberty fabric as well. Would send you a picture of it but I cant see how to attach one to the replies section!

    Anyway it looks great and I like the loose fit, as I am about a UK size 12 (I live in London) and it looks perfect over jeans. Cant wait for next summer now.

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